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Yoga Tree Leeds​

Yoga Menopause 2.5 Hour Workshop

April date TBC

Yoga Tree Leeds

Tong Hall

Menopause and perimenopause can be a turbulent and somewhat unsettling time. There might be a sense of uncertainty about 'which way is up'.


There are so many symptoms surrounding this time of life, which can be a combination of physical, mental and emotional episodes that can create confusion; feeling lost with all that is changing, not knowing where to start. Some women question their mental health at this time of life and wonder 'is it just me?'


Fortunately, the 'M' word is not so taboo, these days. People are more comfortable in learning to advocate for their health and well-being.


This workshop session is intended to be a powerful, safe place to begin unravelling some of these feelings and symptoms, whilst navigating this life milestone.


An opportunity to meet with others who will completely 'get it - and get you'. Offering a combination of gentle movement in a peaceful, nurturing environment, navigating and learning on this beautiful and sometimes crazy journey.


The aim is for you to leave the session feeling more positive about the amazing new you that is desperate to emerge!


This will be an uplifting, positive, and inclusive session; where we can find our feet and down-dog together!

£30 per person with limited places available.

Deposit of £10 is required to reserve your spot.

Looking forward to meeting you!!!


Click here to book

Call 0773 8004632 or email to book.

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